Monday, October 10, 2016


I walked out the kitchen door...

barefoot...onto the carport...and into the front yard.

I inhaled the scent of freshly cut grass,
admiring the vivid greens against the
aching cobalt of
Southern Autumn sky.

A Mockingbird landed to
fetch a worm, then
sat on a telephone wire to
sing me a dozen tunes.

I was not looking up,

I was still looking at my wet,
clipped-grass-coated feet
sunk into the soft, spongy lawn
and enjoying the bird's serenade.

I was, to be redundant, at that moment,
looking the ground,

when a shadow,
a wide shadow,
an unusually large shadow
passed over my own
verdant-footed shadow..., it glided,
right over me.

I, of course, looked
straight up into the sun
and saw spots,
then walked in circles,
head upturned,
knowing it was a Hawk,
a big, beautiful predator
hunting for breakfast.

The Mockingbird
quickly left...

Finally, I spotted the Hawk
still gliding, wings outstretched,
     drifting on an air current
along the edge of
the woods, the Ent-like Pines.

I stood transfixed,
watching reverently
until it vanished...
     as in a lucid dream
into a fast approaching
storm cloud...

By:  Marion, Summer 2016


erin said...

as i was transfixed reading this and had to keep walking onward, clicking through to read through to the finish... but it's never over, is it?

i do believe you have awakened to shadows. this is, for me, your strongest poem.

Marion said...

No, dearest Erin...thankfully, it is never over. You are too kind. Thank you for your encouraging words. It means a lot to me...the words we've devoured of each other's lives...the MANY years have flown since you wrote that first post as a Woman in a Window. I still think of you under that imaginary(?) bare bulb, scribbling with fervent intensity. I often go back to my earliest posts and read your comments (& our Renee's, too). My, how much our lives have ebbed and flowed since that first 'meeting'. I appreciate you, your words, your photography, your poet heart and your friendship more than words can ever express. xoxo

Kelly said...

This is absolutely wonderful and I can vividly picture (and hear) it all.

I've spent much more time walking outdoors lately (doctor's orders... busy work, I think, but good for the mental health...) and I've loved all I've seen, heard, smelled, touched (no tasting as of yet!). I've always felt closer to God in nature.

Love your photo, too.