Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Louisiana Autumn, October Lullaby By Marion

Louisiana Autumn
October Lullaby
By Marion

A few brown,
desiccated, falling leaves---
lush, fragrant Lavender
and feathery Yarrow yet
reaching skyward.

Endings woven
into Beginnings
and Circles breeding

Moonflower seed pods
heavily pregnant with
next year's blooms.
Two hundred seeds
lying on my windowsill:
bountiful, generous

Beginnings woven
into Endings
and Death breeding
Life.  Imagine!

Only the occasional Hummingbird
now at the almost empty,
red plastic feeders
rocking in the
80 degree breeze.
Such tiny enigmas,
on sugar water and
insects...headed even
further South.

...and not surprisingly---
the only flowers
yet still blooming
are the luscious
red-centered, sadly drooping
clusters of seemingly pulsing,



Kelly said...

Marion - you're in the creative zone these days! I really like this! In a vague way it reminds me of my sister's poem "Circles". I hate that she never got caught up in the muse in her last few years.

Marion said...

Kelly, I think it's the low humidity. LOL! Nobody knows how AMAZING it feels down here in Louisiana when we get a whiff of Autumn. It's like waking up from a bad dream (southern summer!) in spite of hurricane season!! I know you feel it, too. Was Pammie's poem "Circles" in her book? I miss her so much...and I know you do, too. She'll live forever in the hearts of everyone who knew & loved her. Thank you for your kind words and your friendship. Love & hugs!! xo

Kelly said...

Yes, "Circles" is in her book. I still get it out and read her poems every so often. It makes me feel close to her.

The break in humidity has been wonderful, even if we did have a bout of it again yesterday, making those 80s feel much warmer. Autumn is getting here, though!

erin said...

circles and seeds and seeds and circles. james and i were up late last night talking about rilke's poem, "i live my life in widening circles" - trying to understand the nuances, grasping at them.

i remember those earlier times too. it is like we (who we are now) were sisters to our younger selves, isn't it, marion? i am not that young woman any more. too much hurt. too many fires. and too much newly revealed gorgeousness to reach into. but these circles of yours, i hear myself through them, the now me, and i hear the older you through them too...