Monday, September 5, 2016

Let Morning Come

The Moonlady, awake with me...


Let Morning Come
By Marion L.

Let the river flow
unimpeded, night black,
cradled within
strong, willow-sewn banks.

Let the crickets sing
ancient, mystical
tunes, sweet and time-kissed
into my awakened ears.

Let the moonlady’s silver
beams stream down
and suffuse my
twisted, ominous dreams.

Let the candle flame pull me into
its dancing shadow.  May
the flame illuminate
my jaded, somnolent mind.

Let the rivers flow.
     Let the crickets sing.
           Let the moonlady glimmer.
               Let the candlelight shimmer.

Please, let morning come.


1 comment:

Jonathan Chant said...

A fine song. And in the end, morning always comes.