Thursday, July 21, 2016

My World, This Week...

      A serene visit to a local lake.  Sky mirror!!!

               Rosebud blooming today.

   Tiny orange flowers of the 'Can-Can' Calibrachoa.

       Faithful Petunias love the July heat...

            These came back from last summer.

  Water lily hearts on Lake Valentine...among the clouds...


                  ...and a little rainy day reading!!! 



Kelly said...

What a beautifully tranquil scene on the lake!! Did you fish? Catch anything?? :D

Marion said...

Kelly, I didn't fish this time. I brought a book and my camera. It's too hot for me! Ray had a few nibbles, but he didn't catch anything. We'd never fished at Valentine. Next time, Lake Beulow, right off the Red River. Ray used to always catch Perch there. xo

erin said...

perhaps there is yet garden enough.

each small plant is a vastness. my daughter has convinced me to even have a few inside. they've made such a difference. it changes the mind, doesn't it?

(we've only fished once this summer. this is ridiculous. we could pull fish out of every wet spot up here. and yet - we suck so badly at cleaning them there is almost a fear that we would catch too many. but i'm pretty sure we shouldn't complain.)

Marion said...

Erin, yes, garden enough. Strangely, this year my Cypress produced a Cypress knee and TWELVE baby trees along the front of my yard almost as if to make it's own little forest. I am grateful and I planted 2 Pines I found coming up in a potted plant. I will persevere!! You should be fishing, girl!! Find someone to clean them and make a barter!!! LOL!!!!

I found out International Paper sold the land across the street...and it's not a few acres, it's thousands of acres with literally an entire ecosystem displaced/destroyed...everyone who lives in this area is horrified, just horrified at the destruction...the stench of dead animals is everywhere...I cannot imagine the carnage, the species of animals killed. And the saddest part is that the monster who bought/destroyed this land is going to build an aluminum plant a few miles up the road. God only knows the pollution and destruction THAT will cause. I seriously would love to move to Nashville to live near my younger daughter, but, Lordy mercy, it's very expensive to live there! Little wood frame houses sell for half a million dollars!!! So, here we sit, looking daily at destruction where there used to be a paradise. xo