Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Conjuring by Hilda Morley

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, thirsty and

fighting for dominance, coming in for a landing

wings, whirring little cyclone, flying jewels...

The fastest ones eat first...
Summer's reward, measured in sugar water.
CONJURING by Hilda Morley

Finding the names of birds here,
of flowers, important, I say I must
know them, name them,

                                        to be able
to call upon where their magic
resides for me: in naming them
myself - to lay hold upon whatever
quivers inside the bird-calls,
                                          the dipping
of tail or wing -
                          to know it
inside my hand where power
of that sort lives
                           & in my fingers
wakes & becomes
                            an act of


Kelly said...

Great hummingbird photos! They can be such vicious little things to be so beautiful! I find the female Cardinals are especially mean, also. Hmmm.. makes me wonder if I'm ever like that about my food!! :D

erin said...

indeed, nature heals!

"to lay hold upon whatever
quivers inside the bird-calls"

always coming at the ineffable from without. always trying to touch the thing beyond form.

Marion said...

Yes, Erin...nature heals and goes on, regardless of the wounds inflicted by humans. Words & poetry heal, too...they're a soothing salve to every wound. Thanks for stopping by. I was reading a poem by Li-Young Lee that you sent me years ago just yesterday. Healing, beautiful, soothing words... xo