Friday, June 19, 2015

Swamp Rising, Etc.

Normally, a neighbor's yard down the block, now a fast-rising swamp, gators included!

I found a Toad hiding in my baby Hibiscus plants. See her?

My Tomatoes are thriving, even the ones in small pots.

Moonflowers slowly climbing my rusty wrought iron posts & Jasmine blooming!



Kelly said...

I'm glad you haven't washed away and that your tomatoes are thriving! We've dealt with a lot of mold and bloom end rot, (on squash and tomatoes, respectively) but we'll see what some dry days do for us.

Keep an eye out for those gators!

Marion Lawless said...

Kelly, it's storming right now! The last time the water was this high was 1990, the year after we moved here. I hope it goes down soon for my neighbors' sake. Sorry about your mold & such. Bummer! I've been lucky, but I only 'farm' in pots, buckets & tubs with drainage. Take care my Arkansas pal! xo