Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Dictionary Poem by Marion

Art By James Michalopoulos of New Orleans, LA
* * * * *

Summer Dictionary Poem
By Marion – 8/9/14

August:  Aching

Bountiful, Beautiful

Cadmium Clouds, Cats

Dew-ridden Dog Days, (Dragonflies!)

Earthy, Electric

Flowers Flourishing

Garden Giving Generously

Hot/Humid, Hummingbird Hordes

Icarus-Inspired Ideograms

Jam Jelling

Kinetic Knowing

Limping, Lachrymose Lamplight

Moonlight, Morning Glories, Moonflowers

Novels, Novels, Novels Nourishing

Opalescent Opacity

Poetry, Pain, Poetry, Pain, Poetry = (Palindrome!)

Quotidian Quiddity = (Everyday’s Essence)

Radiant Rivers/Reading, Remembering

Steamy Sun Showers Shining

Thunder Trembling Tenuously

Umbral Ubiquity

Verdure Vegetation

Wanton Wakefulness/Writing, Writing, (Weeping Willows!)

Xerothermic Xanadu

Youth Yielding, Yin/Yang



"Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary." ~Khalil Gibran


Kelly said...

I love this!!! (and should try one of my own)

Marion said...

You should, Kelly. It was fun. xo

erin said...

and what about the august super moon? sadly i missed it. (next one september 9th)

best word, Lachrymose