Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Louisiana Blizzard - ;-)

You might be a redneck live in Louisiana and know that this really is a blizzard.  We had an ice storm last night.  The trees are still covered in ice.  Have a good laugh at our expense, y'all up north.  This could be my relatives, I'm not sure.  xo


"Here in Louisiana we handle 100 degree weather without batting an eye.  We can take a four inch rain and never miss a step.  We can drive through a mudslide and 99% humidity just means it a little “dry” today.  But we totally freak out with even the slightest amount of snow.
All we know is that we’re supposed to stay off the roads….once we’ve made our pilgrimage to the grocery store to stock up on milk, bread and eggs."  From:  Kiss Country 93.7


erin said...

marion, i AM laughing! that's sweet as can be, all that excitement and concern over those ... few flakes of snow:) ha! (you can't begin to imagine. looking out my window now as it snows - again - the standing banks about two feet up past the bottom of my window and i don't have to the floor windows! ok, so now i'm done laughing. gotta shovel in the morning.)


Karen said...

We just look at one another and shake our heads. Here we go again!

Today is day 16 of school cancellations.

Kelly said...

I just loved this clip (and might have to steal it). ;)

We actually got some this time! I'll try to post some pictures. They aren't as pretty as yours were since we mostly got sleet and freezing rain. Still, it's not an every day occurrence.