Friday, December 17, 2010

Waiting for Christmas

My cats have taken all the candy out of our candy dishes to bat around the house, tried to topple the tree (which I anchored to the wall with fishing line) and undecorated our Cypress in the front yard by climbing it and knocking off the balls, one by one.  Sigh.  But they're oh, so entertaining.  Happy Holidays!  ~Marion


If What You're Waiting for is Christmas
By David Devine

If what you're waiting for is Christmas
You don't need me to tell you so
If you've been looking for somebody
You might not have that far to go

See how the candle dances
With all the shadows on the wall
If what you're waiting for is Christmas
It might be coming after all

Sometimes I feel so tired
Sometimes I feel so blue
I'm just going thru the motions
Of almost anything I do

But guess I'm getting better
Even I'm a bit surprised
When I see my own reflection
In a dark haired angel's eyes

Maybe all that really matters
Try to feel the mystery
Found in people left abandoned
Burning, blooming poetry

If for miracles you hunger
You might see a few come true
If what you're waiting for is Christmas
It might be waiting there for you.

From: "The Light of the Morning: Light Rhymes for Hard Times"

Candle light by Marion


lakeviewer said...

Love those frisky cats!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Kelly said...

My dogs aren't quite as hard on Christmas as your cats, LOL!

My kids have never forgotten the year that our first Rottweiler (Angus) ate the ornament one of them made in school. We noticed a lone ball lying on the floor next to the tree then realized he'd taken it off and eaten the attached ice cream cone!

Boonie S said...

Fun post.

Happy holiday to you, Boonie

Wine and Words said...

Oh I imagine Christmas is pure heaven for cats! Worse than small children even. Light Rhymes for Hard Times? I'll take me some of that. Love you!

~ Annie

Jos said...

A couple of days ago I was round at my sisters place when one of my nephews sidled past the tree ... apparently the decorations just leap off due to the effects of proximity as he swears he didn't touch a thing ... two minutes later the whole tree crashed to the floor. Argghhhh! Lot's of fun and games trying to get it back in place ably (ahem) assisted by 5 y.o. who without a doubt will make a fine manager one of these days.

Happy holidays to you Marion. Finally we have snow here and so might even have a white Christmas!! Woop woop!

Ho ho ho ... not long to go. xx Jos

Angela Recada said...

Wishing you Happy Holidays and all the best in 2011.

Snowbrush said...

I so enjoyed your story of your menagerie and your decorating travails that I shared it with Peggy. The cartoon is wonderful.

Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr. said...

Holy Moses, this just coincided with my piece for today... We might be running on parallel universes. Brilliance here...Thanks!

Debrah Riddleton said...

Dear Marion:
What a beautiful piece! Let me tell you something: You are a miracle for me. In this new stage of my life, You was the first giving me your support.
"If what you're waiting for is Christmas..." A gift are you.


oh, but how smart they are, too! keeping you so entertained! i remember my little kittykats of time past doing exactly the same thing - one time even being so kind as to "take down" the tree for me, but BEFORE xmas, actually! ;) what fun to watch them, i know - hugs and kisses to all at your house, dear lady! and happy happy holidays!

Serena said...

That's a lovely choice of poem, and I loved hearing about the kitties' latest antics. Bless their furry little hearts, they know it's Christmas and they're having some fun with it. Happy Holidays, Marion!

Terresa said...

Merry Christmas, Marion! Love that your kitties are helping undecorate the cypress, reminds me of my kids, except they are doing much better this year, it's now our puppy (not yet 1 year old)...

Hope this season finds you well, snuggled in with books and writing and warmth, joy and candle light.


Phoenix said...

Love this poem. Everyone always needs a little bit more Christmas in their Christmas, eh?

My cat, (fingers crossed) has not destroyed anything yet, and save for getting high off the fresh pine scent of our Christmas tree, (which made her go ballistic and rub her entire tiny face all over the carpet) has shown very little interest in the holiday.

Let's hope she keeps thinking that way.

quid said...

Cats and Christmas.... don't mix?
Loved the poem and the beautiful picture of the candle.

Happy holidays, m'dear...