Monday, February 15, 2010

And The Days Are Not Full Enough by Ezra Pound

A butterfly in June.  I'm longing for my Zinnias and Butterflies.

Another Butterfly in June.  I'm still longing for my Zinnias, Moonflowers, Sunflowers and Dragonflies, too.  I'm sick, sick, sick of this cold weather and the bitter wind.

My kitchen window in June.  It looks totally different now with different flowers and colored bottles.


And the Days are Not Full Enough
by Ezra Pound

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass.


Wishing you peace, love and health.  Please, please, please pray for my dear blog friend, Renee. She's in the hospital and needs our healing thoughts and prayers desperately. 

Love & Blessings,



Kelly said...

The wind is bitterly sharp! I, too, and longing for spring. I bought some seeds today for yellow tomatoes.

Praying for Renee.

Kay said...

i never really did understand people who enjoy long winter days and nights.... i miss butterflies too...

Karen said...

I love the summer pictures - just what my eyes long for in these white and brown days! Wonderful poem.

Woman in a Window said...

i love the poem. i love the pictures. fuck. i love renee. she's in hospital...shitshitshit.

Marion said...

Thank you for your kind words, ladies. Yes, our Renee needs our prayers and love right now. So does her precious family. They've been through so much lately. Life is just too short, too crazy, too sad sometimes. Love & Blessings... xoxo

quid said...

I really loved the kitchen window!

All my good thoughts go out to Renee...I hope she recovers full and soon.


Shaista (Lupus in Flight) said...

I miss and pray for dear Renee too - what an impact she, who was once a stanger, now has on our lives.
How I long for the summer white butterflies. But come they will, n'est-ce pas?


oh, be still my heart! brightly colored flowers in bloom! how many days to go till spring!!! love love this post - thanks so much for the fantastic touch of spring!

many caring thoughts to renee and her family!

Marion said...

Thank you for your kind comments, ladies. I appreicate you all....

Yes, Shiasta, I love what you said about Renee "what an impact she, who was once a stanger, now has on our lives." I can't remember what life was like before I met her. She and I clicked like long lost sisters and her pure spirit and joie de vivre just picked me up out of the dirt and made me see the stars....I miss her desperately. She's such a wonderful, caring friend. I want her to be healed so badly....Love & Blessings!

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Marion, you wrote the exact feeling and how much Renee is to all of us.
I could vision you and your conversations about Renee. I do this. My mum knows of her as Renee as sent love so many times.
I have never met anyone like her, she is our spirit and love.
Just hope her stomach settles soon.

Your window looks amazing, have always loved your window and how you dress it so full of beautiful things.

Sending you loads of love Marion!


Wine and Words said...

It is your song which hits me hardest today. "So far Away". I feel everyone receeding, out of grasp when I need a touch. You know? There are days like this. When nothing will fill the gap. Other days it overflows. I hold you close my Marion.

Love you, Annie

Marion said...

Julie, I know. Thanks for the compliment to my window. LOL! I can feel the love & prayers of so many people heading toward our Renee. I know she's feeling them and knows we're bombarding heaven for her to be healed. There is strength in many, for sure. Love back to you, too, Julie. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!

Oh, Annie! I know, I know. When someone leaves blogland, a part of me goes with them. And I'm believing our Renee will be back and better. She has a warrior spirit and so much love in her. I hold you close, also, my Annie-girl. Love you....Blessings!

Marion said...

I barely know Renee. Yet she and I connected so quickly, I feel as if I've been around her forever! Your bittersweet longing for more clement weather is beautifully done. Surely Renee will be able to feel all the many prayers sent in her name.

Margaret Pangert said...

Well, I guess now is the time for us to curl up and be still. Except for Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal! I think your haiku shows their foreshadowing something new. Loved it. xx

Rick said...

Yes, this winter sucks. And Renee is never far from my prayers and thoughts. ~rick

Phoenix said...

My thoughts are with Renee right now - thank you as always for such inspired, gorgeous posts.